Josh Bezoni: Complaints About the Weight Loss Industry

Josh Bezoni is a prominent figure in the health industry, and certified nutritionist. He is the co-founder and acting Chief Executive  Officer of Biotrust Nutrition, one of the nation’s most trusted sources for premium and all-natural nutritional advice. Additionally, he has authored several best-selling books, and is a dedicated philanthropist.

As an industry insider and expert, Josh is all too familiar with many of bad practices that exist in the nutrition and health world. This blog is dedicated to exposing these issues, and helping the consumer make educated and healthy lifestyle choices.

Josh Bezoni attended the University of Central Iowa, where he graduated with honors with a degree in Biology. Although he did complete his undergraduate pre-med requirement at Central Iowa, he opted to help men and women change their lifestyle before getting sick, rather than after. He first began his professional career working for EAS,  and Muscle Media Magazine. Here, he worked under his mentor, Bill Phillips, who was the author of Body-for-LIFE, the #1 New York Time best-selling fitness book.

As a leading nutritionist, Josh has appeared on a number of major Television networks including, but not limited to, The Travel Channel, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC.

Josh is an accomplished entrepreneur having formed, and then eventually sol, two  health companies. In total, the revenues of these companies exceed $200 million. Josh is committed to delivering high quality health items to consumers across the world.

Josh Bezoni hosts the Fit Fest conference every year in Austin. This event hosts hundreds of prominent health figures, and has featured keynote speakers such as Tim Ferris and Bill Phillips.