Snacks Which Cause Fat

Many of your favorite snacks can be the reason the ever anticipated summer body has yet to emerge. Mentioned in previous posts, nutrition labels are not as truthful as once expected, they hide true numbers and give false numbers to when someone is eating. Many of the foods, drinks, and even supplements on the fat causing list are ones you would least expect!

The first on the list is a Slim Fast drink mix. The fact that this drink has sugar as its first ingredient explains why they are served in such small portions which generally do not fill anybody up. These tricky drinks are the reason consumers over indulge in these snacks and drinks, they are un-filling and do not provide the right nutritional ingredients.

The second supposedly nutritious or healthy food is Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookies. Their first ingredient is enriched wheat flour, and the second ingredient is sugar, this so called healthy product is anything but healthy. If anything, having normal cookies in the right portion can have the same effect as having these cookies. 

Also making this list of unhealthy products is the Special K candy bars which contain sugar and partially hydrogenated oil as their first two ingredients. These ingredients are accompanied by the third ugly ingredient of high fructose corn syrup. All of the ingredients and nutritional facts can be very closely compared to a Snickers bar. You take a pick on which one sounds more enticing. And for many, picking up the Snickers bar is the more appealing choice.

The scariest of these foods is the Atkins Advantage chocolate peanut butter bar. This small bar which most likely will not satisfy hunger contains 6g of saturated fats and 12g overall. They also have just around 250 calories which does not make this bar advantageous in any way.

It is important to always read ingredients and facts closely, but also understand that portion sizes need to be accounted for when purchasing and eating snacks throughout the day.

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