Drinks Which Cause Fat

Many drinks on shelves today claim to have 100% juice or no added sugars. Even though they may seem healthy for the average consumer, these drinks are actually packed with additives and non-natural ingredients such as fructose, glucose, and dyes to appeal to the target markets.

The first, and probably most surprising on this list of unhealthy drinks is Gatorade. The energy drink which is expected to replenish athletes contains a large amount of fructose corn syrup as its second ingredient. This seems redundant considering the fact that athletes need water and nutritious foods to sustain high energy levels, and fructose corn syrup tends to drain energy and has tendencies to cause grogginess.imgres

The second, and least surprising of the beverages which can cause fat are energy drinks, more specifically Rockstar Energy. Against popular belief, drinking this will not help you get a rockstar body. It will do the complete opposite with its 62g of sugar per can. Four grams of sugar is one teaspoon, I do not see anything pouring fifteen spoonfuls into their water and downing it for energy. So why drink Rockstar?

Staying energized comes in many ways, of course the obvious energy drinks, coffee, and now there is a twist. Starbucks has a Doubleshot Energy plus Coffee which serves as a quick alternate of drinking a cup of coffee. Seems too good to be true? Yes, because it is, this small container contains just under 30g grams of sugar. Sure, coffee is expected to give a nice kick, but not be the cause for fat.

One final beverage which is more of a mixer is Jose Cuervo’s Margarita Mix which has a great amount of high fructose corn syrup, and packs a punch with 400 calories. Remember this is an additive to an already unhealthy beverage, alcohol. Not the best mix if you ask any nutritionist.

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