Why You Need More Yolk

For decades, “experts” have been warning  American consumers how whole eggs are detrimental to one’s health, and egg whites are some sort of superfood. This is simply false. Furthermore, far too many cafes and diners list egg white on the healthy portion of their menus. They are unknowingly wronging their customers in this manner. But let me be clear, there is nothing inherently “wrong” about these egg whites, it is simply the portrayal by many that they are healthier than the whole egg. It is important to note that the healthiest part of the egg is actually the yolk as this is where you can find the vast majority of the egg’s nutritional value.

Bezoni EggsThe yolk section accounts for more than 9/10 of the egg’s minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  It actually contains 100% of the fat in the egg, and it is quite healthy and will help you balance your hormones. Furthermore, about fifty percent of the protein in the egg is actually found in the yolk, itself. The facts listed in this article are most likely news for most American consumers. Misinformation about nutrition and dieting is rampant across this nation.

The primary takeaway from this article is that, despite what most people say, you should not be avoiding egg yolks. In fact, you should be making a point to consume them as eggs are amongst the least costly forms of health-boosting & fat burning nutritional items you can find. Even the most expensive eggs in the country only cost no more than half a dollar for ten grams of proteins and countless vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

Many preach how the intake of eggs will engender an increase one’s cholesterol level. However, this is again not true as the human body is incredibly developed. If you consumer more cholesterol, you’re body will actually begin to produce less to account for this increase. Furthermore, there are a series of studies that demonstrate that eggs lead to an increase in “good” cholesterol.

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