Autumn Health Tips

With September right around the corner, many people are beginning to break out their light jackets, and sweaters. Autumn is many individuals favorite season thanks to the crisp air. Not only the crisp Fall air, but also the perfect weather to be outside running, and working out. Besides the workouts, the family activities accessible make Autumn the ideal season for many.

The first and move obvious way to make the most out of Autumn is to be outside. With the foliage and activities, there is something for everyone to do. There is apple picking, pumpkin picking and carving as well as the beautiful foliage which makes a stroll in the park a scenic activity. All over the country, Autumn provides nice, cool temperatures which makes great for hiking, biking, jogging.

Even though with Winter approaching, Autumn still offers a great deal of sunlight, not as bright out as summer, but still enough to be outside after work. Just because it may be dark out, that is no excuse to not make sure you get your daily workout in. If running outside is not preferred, jogging inside or getting a membership to a gym which is opened late can be the key to a great Fall/Winter body.

A great tip for really making the most of the Autumn season is to layer up. Layering when outdoors looking to get a good workout can be quite helpful. Layering will heat the body up quickly and allow your body to sweat and get a jumpstart on the workout. This is relevant when playing America’s Fall sport, Football. Starting out with layers will allow the body to get going fast and help gain the most from the work out. There is nothing more satisfying then getting to play a past time favorite while enjoying Autumn weather and getting fit!

Top 5 Fat Loss Commandments

Here are the ten tips to follow when looking to lose weight, other wise known as the 5 weight loss commandments!

1. Develop a vision, not a goal

Wanting to know what your goal is is much more difficult to accomplish than actually visualizing and understanding what you actually want your body to look like. It is important to visualize opposed to just dream.

2. You don’t have to do any radical dieting to lose fat fast

Starving your body does not work, when you are hungry and are on a binge diet the body tends to eat at muscles rather than fat because of the proteins and positive food source they provide. It is important to stay on a normal diet which does not put the body into overdrive causing it to feed at the muscles.

3. Scare your fat away. Intensity matters. Step up!

Fat loss is all about shocking your body. By alternating intensities, changing up your exercise regularly, adding fiber to your diet, changing up the protein sources in your food, and working opposite sides of your body back and forth, you’re sure to burn fat at absurd speeds. Getting into the same routine can cause the body to get used to any particular work out making it null and void after a few training sessions. 

4. Pain isn’t necessary to get in shape

Working out should not give you intense pain, maybe a few sore muscles, but nothing which is permanent should come from working out. If this is the case, change up the work outs and make it something which is manageable and will not leave you in pain for days.

5. Your body is your body

Push your body to limits only you understand, this means work out wise, and also diet wise. Do not force anything which you know the body will reject. This can have an adverse affect and ruin the vision you have for healthy weight loss.

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