Three Foods You May Be Eating Incorrectly

Selecting the right foods is very important. But we have to sure to educate people the best way to consume their food. As an adult, I am sure that you are confident in your ability to eat food. However, academic research has confirmed that the manner in which we eat a range of popular  food items impacts their nutritional value and composition. You are probably wondering the exact food items that we are talking about as you want to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Let’s break it down for you.

Greek Yogurt: With the introduction of Chobani and other popular greek yogurt products, this food item has exploded in popularity across America in recent years. However, there is a legitimate chance that you are consuming it in a way that lessens its nutritional value. Imagine the process of eating greek yogurt for a second. First, you peel back the lid to see some water that is sitting on top of the yogurt. A lot of people go ahead and pour this liquid out, but don’t make this mistake! This liquid is actually packed with whey protein  and is chock full of amino acids, calcium, and important vitamins. Simply mix it in with the yogurt so you are getting these aforementioned fat-burning benefits with each bite you take.

StrawberryStrawberries: How do you prefer to eat your strawberries, sliced or whole? Well, I sincerely hope it is the latter. This is because the oxygen exposure that sliced strawberries experience can corrupt their nutritional content. If you can’t eat your strawberries in any other way besides sliced, be sure to do the cutting minutes before enjoying these delicious fruits. The last thing you want to do is cut them and store them away. This can greatly reduce their fat-burning power!

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a bit of an anomaly compared to the majority of other fruits and vegetables. Can you guess why? You are probably aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables are largely more nutritious when consumed in their raw form. However, tomatoes, which are filled with the phytonutrient lycopene, are the opposite. The process of cooking tomatoes engenders an increase in the lycopene count!

The Truth about Organic Produce

Many grumble about the ascension of organic food, but few know the truth. The popularity of eating organic food has exploded over the last decade or so. You are probably well aware that there are, or at least people say there are, benefits to choosing organic food over the alternative. However, you are perhaps confused as to what constitutes organic food and why it is better for you. You also may have questions about how organic is made and why this process, in turn, raises the prices for organic goods. Josh is here to illuminate the issue and explain everything you will need to know about organic.

First let us dive in and look at the definition of organic. According the United States Department of Agriculture, certified organic vegetables and fruits must be produced without the utilization of conventional pesticides, ionizing radiation, bioengineering, synthetically produced fertilizers, or sewage sludge. The requirements for meat are a little different, but we will leave that for another day. Let’s just focus on organic produce here.

Organic Produce - Farmer's MarketResearch has supported the notion that this organic produce his healthier and better for you than the alternative. Specifically, certified organ food has been found to possess a higher level of mineral, vitamin, and phytochemical content as well as being more nutritive in general. Put simply, organic produce has higher levels of the really great stuff, and far less of the potentially detrimental things for your body.

The downside of organic food, as many would point out, is that it will most likely carry a higher cost if you are shopping at a regular supermarket. The difference between standard vegetables and fruits and the organic variety can be steep. The solution is quite simple, however. When shopping for organic food, avoid your regular grocery store. Instead, you will want to purchase a “share” of a season’s harvest at a farm located near you. These are referred to as community supported agriculture or CSA. You will be on the receiving end of more fresh organic produce than you know what to do with. In order to discover a communist supported agriculture farm in your area, you can visit

Another route to procuring fresh and cheap organic foods is to simply visit your town’s farmer market.

5 Unusual Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

Looking young the older you get is everyone’s biggest problem. Some people go as for to get surgery and use questionable medicine to help look younger. There are a few simple tips which can help you look younger, as well as improving your health!

1. Increase Essential Fat Intake

There are great fats out there that your body needs. They are called essential fatty acids, and your body simply can’t produce them on its own. You need to go out and get these acids whether it be through vitamins or nutrients, they are vital to looking younger. 

2. Reduce Toxins

Toxins like cigarette smoke, air pollution, excess alcohol, and toxins in our food and water supply should be cut out, which goes without saying. Also, stay away from processed foods that have all kinds of artificial colors, chemicals, and sweeteners. These habits and foods do nothing but ruin the skin, and age your body in ways which are not ideal for anyone looking to be younger. 

3. Sun

Vitamin D is essential as well, in moderation. There is no need to bake out in summer sun, or apply pounds of sunscreen on. Simple, daily activity in the sun is great for looking younger and even feeling younger!

4. Cut the Sugar, More Antioxidants

The average American consumes about 173 grams of processed sugar a day. Some people, mostly teens can take in up to 400 grams of sugar a day. Although it is tough to stay away from these sweet foods, they can cause and make you more prone to certain cancers.

5. Eat, Eat, Eat!

The best way to eat is to enjoy a small meal that includes protein, essential fats, and healthy carbohydrates (like fruits and vegetables) every three hours. No need to limit the body to three massive portions, eating often, yet healthy is the key to helping your skin and body looking young. 


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