Battle Your Belly

Dieting may be one of the hardest tasks we set out to achieve. With all the promises made and foods tossed out, the thought of it all crashing down because of one night of binging is enough to turn some people off of the concept entirely. Cheating on a diet is never something we want to do, but food cravings may be one of the hardest to fight. When you’re starving, anything and everything looks good. So what do you do when those cravings rear their ugly head during your diet? Below are some excellent tips for combating your cravings.

Josh BezoniCuisine Construction: When preparing nutritious and calorie friendly foods, it’s best to remember what fills you up along with what keeps you slim. For instance, a 400-calorie meal can be healthy and filling, but one small burger off McDonald’s dollar menu packing the same caloric quantity is sure to leave you hungry. Making yourself a salad stuffed with veggies and topped with a protein like chicken or fish can fill you up for a fraction of the calories. This kind of meal management will not only help you lose weight but leave you feeling energetic.

Fatten Your Meal: Out of the three macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) the most useful and filling is fat. Adding a splash of healthy oils, avocado, organic butter or nuts can dramatically extend the life of your meal. By adding controlled fats, you can stay fuller for longer, and never sacrifice the integrity of your newfound diet.

Snack Safely: When picking foods to help you through your mid-meal munchies, reach for a slow-digesting food. These dietary dreams can keep you from reaching for a snack that doesn’t fit your diet, or fight the urge to binge when your next meal swings around. You may be asking yourself “where can I find such magical foods?” Look no further than your local grocery store, and you’ll find plenty of healthy fats, whole-food proteins, and high-fiber veggies.

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