Autumn Health Tips

With September right around the corner, many people are beginning to break out their light jackets, and sweaters. Autumn is many individuals favorite season thanks to the crisp air. Not only the crisp Fall air, but also the perfect weather to be outside running, and working out. Besides the workouts, the family activities accessible make Autumn the ideal season for many.

The first and move obvious way to make the most out of Autumn is to be outside. With the foliage and activities, there is something for everyone to do. There is apple picking, pumpkin picking and carving as well as the beautiful foliage which makes a stroll in the park a scenic activity. All over the country, Autumn provides nice, cool temperatures which makes great for hiking, biking, jogging.

Even though with Winter approaching, Autumn still offers a great deal of sunlight, not as bright out as summer, but still enough to be outside after work. Just because it may be dark out, that is no excuse to not make sure you get your daily workout in. If running outside is not preferred, jogging inside or getting a membership to a gym which is opened late can be the key to a great Fall/Winter body.

A great tip for really making the most of the Autumn season is to layer up. Layering when outdoors looking to get a good workout can be quite helpful. Layering will heat the body up quickly and allow your body to sweat and get a jumpstart on the workout. This is relevant when playing America’s Fall sport, Football. Starting out with layers will allow the body to get going fast and help gain the most from the work out. There is nothing more satisfying then getting to play a past time favorite while enjoying Autumn weather and getting fit!

Summer’s Healthy Foods

With summer in full force, it is easy to lose track of your diets with ice cream, and little snacks throughout the day. Although tough, there are ways to get around this and continue to eat healthy. No matter the day, here are some healthy foods which can go a long way when dealing with the summer heat.

Corn is a great way to eat healthy and yet enjoy everything that is summer. Cooking up some corn on the bar-b-que is a fantastic way to stay healthy, while enjoying summer foods. It is important not to drench the corn with butter or salt though, which would ruin the health factor of having corn.

Another great food is tart cherries, a summer time favorite for many California natives. These cherries are both healthy and delicious providing nutrients and a sweet kick of flavor which is nothing but refreshing in the summer season. Be careful to not overeat though, because it can be difficult to stop eating these treats once you start. 5. Watermelon

This may come as a surprise, but tomatoes are a great way to keep healthy, and also provide extra protection for your skin. Tomatoes provide a UV vitamin which can help with extra protection when sunscreen may not be enough. Eating tomatoes raw does not sound the most appetizing, but eating it with salads and other sides can go a long way in a healthy summer.

Being 92% water and 100% delicious, watermelon is a fantastic way to stay hydrated in the summer heat, which eating a tasteful treat. Not only does this taste great, it can help with dehydration and dry skin!

Last, raspberries are a great source of fiber to get rid of nasty toxins and a great ingredient in any summer smoothie. They provide a great source of vitamins which can be coupled with any side or salad, making them a perfect summer treat.

These are just a few foods to help stay healthy in the summer. Stay tuned for more health and nutritional updates.

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